Links Worth Listing

The Daily Routines of Geniuses “…a routine was more than a luxury — it was essential to their work.” I found this article positively fascinating and brilliant. “I’ve realized that somebody who’s tired and needs a rest, and goes on working all the same is a fool.” Blank Space Style– this Taylor Swift mash-up is beautiful. If […]

Define: Love

Sometimes as humans, we get caught up in the idea that love is in a box of chocolates, a new iPhone, or a dream vacation. This weekend, I learned that love is in fact much more complex. Love is when you text your mom on Thursday that you need to get away. And in one […]

Morning People

Today was very interesting because I slept in till 10:00! Ever since college (but especially since the past two semesters), I have learned that I am most definitely a morning person. I don’t typically jump out of bed and celebrate being awake, however; once I am out of bed, I’m up and at ’em. I […]

Italian Treats in the States

Ciao everyone, happy weekend! My week was great and full of fun with the kids I nanny for. We went to 3 parks this week, fed ducks and turtles, made snakes out of paper plates, read the Booklets Baking Boo-boo three times, rode bikes, learned to identify snapping turtles, and enjoyed some great laughs together. I […]

Fiorentina Soccer Game

  Today we went to a Fiorentina soccer game! The people of Florence are VERY proud of their team and covered the crowds with purple shirts and jerseys. They played against Udinese and won 2-1. The game was actually really fun and I watched pretty much every moment. We had a lot of fun cheering with […]