Breakfast and Reunions

Today was a lovely, relaxing Sunday. It started out with church at my sisters church which I really enjoyed! The atmosphere was great and I really liked the preacher. Afterwards we headed to the Original Pancake House where they have a few gluten-free items on the menu. I went with a veggie omelet and some […]

Reality and Banana Bread

Since reality starts back tomorrow, I decided to spend the day as distracted from my depression as possible. 🙂 I slept in, went for a glorious walk (its like fall here!), made a yummy breakfast and some humus for my sister, got organized for school tomorrow, and baked my first Babycakes recipe!! Banana Bread (but […]

Holiday Breakfast

Happy Christmas Adam! I started the day off with a nice sweaty workout {30 mins on elliptical and 15 mins on stationary bike}. I’m taking a break from the gym till Monday or Tuesday and will be fully enjoying “a break” for the holidays. Plus, we most likely will go on a walk to check […]

Fall Moments

Today, I attempted to create Cait style pancakes. I think they turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself 🙂 However, my pictures are still lacking compared to Cait’s! Guess that’s what you get with a $100 camera and a photographer with no experience. YUM. Cait sure knows how to start the morning off great! […]

Take a Walk

                                       [photo source] I love walking. Something about walking always reminds me of the able and healthy body God has given me. While my walking path does not look like the above picture (although I wish it did!), even just walking in my neighborhood is a comfort. Sure walking is simple, doesn’t burn many calories, […]