Finding Balance

How I Eat


My food motto—> Life is to short to not eat dessert. Therefore, I follow the 80% rule….which means, 80% of the time, I eat healthy, wholesome foods such as whole grains (breads, cereals, crackers), fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt, nuts, nut butters, eggs, chicken, turkey, and tofu. However, the other 20% of the time, I indulge. Which means I enjoy some of my favorite treats…. aka I am a huge sucker for vanilla cake with vanilla icing and sour cream and onion potato chips. Since my body though is more of a fan of the veggies and stuff, I stick to those 80% of the time. So basically, I have one of my indulgences a day, which keeps me balanced. Trying to cut out treats all together led me to binge eating and, eating them with every meal left me feeling sick. So on a normal day, I usually have some sort of dessert after dinner each night. Now, I’m not perfect so some days I have 3 pieces of cake more than one treat (normally it’s because of my frozen yogurt addiction that can’t be stopped) but that’s ok, because in just 2-3 days, my body balances it all out. And some very rare days I don’t even feel like a treat, so I eat whatever else I am craving (usually a sweet piece of fruit).

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How I Move


My exercise motto—> Exercise should make you strong, not thin. I think the person who said this could not have summed it up any better. How many times I used to exercise just to become thinner, when all along, I hated exercising and was also hating/hurting my body. Now that my exercise attitude has taken a 180 turn, I exercise to reach a new goal or gain strength and muscles, not to lose weight. I avoid looking at how many calories the machine says I burned but rather, look at the distance I have gone. Typically I work out 3 times a week {read more about that here} but that’s when school, work, activities, homework and well, life doesn’t get in the way. Some weeks I am able to do this but others it’s hard to work out even once. However, since I’m not on a strict regime, and I exercise for the endorphins and keeping my sanity, it is not a huge deal if I don’t make it to the gym on a planned day. Yes, this is something I can still struggle with…those thoughts that creep in telling me I’m going to get fat or lose muscle, but thankfully I am equipped with the tools to deal with those thoughts and 90% of the time, I think practically and don’t freak out.  My favorite ways to work out are exercise classes (which I’m only able to take during the summer), running, ellipticals, treadmills, the stairstepper, hand weights, exercise videos, and walks. I love going on walks when life gets crazy and I need to clear my thoughts. I go to a pretty small gym so usually stick to the same couple machines, but try to mix it up because I know it’s better for your body.


3 thoughts on “Finding Balance

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  2. I love your exercise motto, that’s how it’s supposed to be! Working out should be fun and when it enhances your life. It shouldn’t become your life!

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