Gone with the Week[end]

Sorry I did not get around to posting the usual Gone with the Week this weekend. I came down with a fever Thursday night and was pretty much wiped out the whole weekend with a virus. (Thank goodness we had ANOTHER snow day on Friday.) While I was sick and stuck in my room, I […]

Gone with the Week

So far this summer has been really great. I love my job (nannying for two little boys), I’ve been able to catch up on sleep, get coffee with friends, and refresh my inner introvert. Although I wish to be in Italy almost daily, I am thankful for a happy summer.   Speaking of beautiful Italy, […]

Mass and Class

This morning we had the option to attend a catholic mass or do your own thing. We were asked to sing some songs during the mass since going to a church of Christ school means you sing everywhere. It was a neat experience because I have been to mass before with my relatives so I […]

English for Pasta

Tonight we had an amazing opportunity to exchange English for a traditional Italian dinner with a family in town. Our program works with a local junior high in which families can sign up to have on of us American students for dinner in exchange for English conversation to help their children learn English. I’m not […]