Gone with the Week

Hello again! I’ve been MIA the past couple weeks on the blog because last week was spring break and this week was the crazy busy week post-spring break where professors realize they only have half a semester left to assign every project known to man. I hope to do a recap soon of my spring […]

Fall Moments

Today, I attempted to create Cait¬†style pancakes. I think they turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself ūüôā However, my pictures are still lacking compared to Cait’s! Guess that’s what you get with a $100 camera¬†and a photographer with no experience. YUM. Cait sure knows how to start the morning off great! […]

Cookie Coma

Hey friends! Happy Labor Day!¬†It truely feels like a holiday here because it is 65 degrees outside! I feel like it should be Christmas or something since we have barely been out of the 100’s the whole summer. Today started off with an energizing and healthy breakfast, which is a good thing because a sugar […]

Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 5/5!

Woohoo! Last day of the challenge! Hope you all enjoy either doing or reading this; I know I did. I’m definitely hoping to have another sort of “challenge” in the future. BBC Day 5 Mango Chobani¬†greek yogurt and a gluten-free¬†almond crunch granola¬†bar I actually¬†havent eaten the granola bar yet…I’m feeling a little sick to my […]