Gone with the Week

Hello again! I’ve been MIA the past couple weeks on the blog because last week was spring break and this week was the crazy busy week post-spring break where professors realize they only have half a semester left to assign every project known to man. I hope to do a recap soon of my spring break because I went on my first ever CRUISE and it was awesome!


Belize City, Belize

But first, here’s some random info of what has been going on the past week.

Currently Reading:


I read The Kite Runner on the cruise and I cannot even describe how incredible this book was. All I can say is drop everything now and read this book. I started A Thousand Splendid Suns yesterday (by the same author) and already cannot put it down. These books explore a Middle East I have never heard of and helped shaped my perspective of the war currently going on.


I also finished Serve God Save the Planet and received some great new insight on how I can be a more conscious citizen and servant of the Lord. I recommend this book to everyone as it puts a new twist on “Going Green” and really makes you evaluate what is important in this short time on earth.

Currently Eating:


Wow. I am obsessed with Chobani’s new Indulgent Yogurts. I’m usually that person who thinks, if I’m going to eat dessert, its going to be DESSERT (not yogurt). But this yogurt truly satisfies my dessert craving and I eat one several nights a week. (I would eat one every night, but my budget can’t afford that.) Mint and Dark Chocolate is my favorite flavor so far.

Even better news is that Call the Midwife season 4 premiers (in the USA) on March 29th! I LOVE this show and already wrote it down in my planner so I would not miss the first episode of season 4.

(P.S. All of season 3 episodes are online to watch for free currently!)


I also found out this week that I will have the honor of being a bridesmaid for the fourth time coming this fall. I’ve decided I really like being in weddings and helping out with such a special day. So far I know that the wedding is outside, reception is in a barn, and I will be wearing a navy dress with brown cowboy boots.



 Currently Linking:

Scientist have recently said there are four types of introverts. Which one are you? I took the quiz and got the Thinking Introvert, which I believe to be true after reading the description.

I cannot stop listening to this cover of “Boom Clap.” I do not like the original version, but this one is beautiful.


Last night was our monthly night of babysitting special needs children in the community so that their parents can have a night out. We had 25 kids and it was crazy fun. We had about 15 special needs and 10 siblings (with no special needs). Each special needs child has to have one of us as a “buddy” just to make sure they are safe/healthy all night. My buddy was very active and pretty much played frisbee for 3 hours. They also all LOVE to sing songs from Frozen.

I am really stressed thinking about all that is due by the end of the semester, so I am trying to take it day by day. But really, I have so many projects and lesson plans/units to create that it took me an hour to even decide where to start.

Therefore, I am off to plan a lesson on plants- don’t be too jealous.

Happy Saturday!





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