Warmer Weather

  The roommate and I are currently watching a complete season of Full House while enjoying these pre-spring break snacks. It’s midnight but we figure we have nine hours in the car tomorrow so we can sleep then. SPRING BREAK IS HERE.   We are going somewhere warm and beach-y with 24 hour free food […]

Party with the Preschoolers

The preschool Valentines Day party was a hit! Two and a half year olds are kind of young for a big celebration, but we were able to create some fun memories. The holiday I remember the most from elementary school days is Valentines Day because I LOVED decorating a box and making valentine cards for […]

Scenes from Christmas.

Christmas was excellent this year. Snow on Christmas day. A million cookies of every shape and size. Family and friends home. Christmas ham. Cozy fires in the fire-place. Family games. Movie night. New clothes. Light shows. Thank you Jesus for coming into our world with one main mission: save the lost. Merry Christmas! Here’s to […]

Breakfast and Reunions

Today was a lovely, relaxing Sunday. It started out with church at my sisters church which I really enjoyed! The atmosphere was great and I really liked the preacher. Afterwards we headed to the Original Pancake House where they have a few gluten-free items on the menu. I went with a veggie omelet and some […]

Gone with the Week

Happy Fall! I don’t know about you, but it is a glorious 81 degrees where I am and I’m in love. I am done with classes for the week because tomorrow is fall break, so it’s a three-day weekend! I had the opportunity to go home with a friend but since I have the room to myself […]

Tiny Towns: Colorado Part 1

I’m back! Back from breezy, lovely Colorado. Boy was it hard to leave. Nothing like coming home to 100+ weather. I chose to call this blog post series about my vacation “Tiny Towns” because that’s where we were the whole time in Colorado. Denver, Aspen, and Colorado Springs never got a visit from us. Instead, […]

When life gives you stale cookies….

Put some icing on them! At least, that’s what I would do. One thing I will never give up is Betty Crocker’s icing. Or icing in general. This week is going to be busy. I have been thinking about the word busy lately. You know, being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like they say, “The busiest […]

Home for the Holidays.

You remember my crazy cowgirl sister right? Yep, well she is home for the holidays! Although she is home with not the best circumstances…. Poor thing. She is kind of the toughest person I know and she practically lives outside so she’s not t0o pleased about the situation. However, God is good and within six […]