Homemade Breakfast Bars

I have mentioned before on the blog that I am a morning person. It doesn’t necessarily mean I always like waking up, but once I’m up I’m awake. I usually have enough time in the morning to make something like oatmeal, eggs, or a smoothie and enjoy it for five minutes. However, sometimes I’m running […]

Dorm Dining: Avocado and Egg Grilled Cheese

Well, the title has pretty much all the ingredients in it so for all you foodies, go ahead and get cooking. ┬áBut if you would like some instruction on how I made this simple and filling grilled cheese, follow along for some quick instructions. Avocado and Egg Grilled Cheese 1/4 and avocado 1 whole egg […]

Dorm Dining: Spicy Bean Dip

This has quickly become one of my favorite meals. It is a great vegetarian source of protein (beans & avocados) and it is so easy to make I feel like it’s not even worthy to be a recipe. But it tastes good so we will go ahead and deem it worthy. Spicy Bean Dip Ingredients: […]

Dorm Dining: Spaghetti Squash

The roommates like to tease me about my kitchen concoctions. Quinoa was introduced to their vocabulary this past month and they had a hard time believing that it is a “protein-packed grain that dates back to the Indians.” Man, sometimes I really really really wish I was a Nutrition and Dietetics major…darn Chemistry classes. Anyways, […]

Dorm Dining: Veggie Quinoa Bowl

I’m starting a new little series on the blog called “Dorm Dining.” A rather fancy name for some not-so-fancy BUT healthy and cheap college meals. I have a small kitchen this year in my apartment dorm and am hoping to experiment making little meals on a little budget. Not to mention that I feel 10 […]